Wednesday, June 15, 2005

At long LAST, another photo blog!

Well, as you know, have iPod - will walk!

I decided to start going for walks in some crappy attempt at getting fitter. Will it work, who knows?

But then I got to thinking (I know, thinking AND walking? what is the world coming to?) I haven't photo blogged for a while, and yesterday a certain someone suggested that it was about time I do another, although the initial suggestion of "My oldest son - a strip show" wasn't an option, I thought I could combine my 'walk' with a photo blog and what do you know? It worked!

So, are you ready? Here goes!

Here, I leave the house. Can you see how overcast it looks? it was about 70 degrees outside so I was walking in my shorts and skimpy top (got to give the workmen something to look at don't I?)

Leaving the house

Next, we see the street I will be starting on. See those green vans? Someone is having some major work done on their house and they have some 'major' hotties working there. I wanted to take their pictures but they were 'working inside' (I WISH they were working my insides!!!!!!!!' but maybe tomorrow!)

My street

Here is proof that I was walking. Now it looks from this picture that I am about 16 months pregnant. I am not. It was just the angle. Really.

Me walking

Now we see my favorite road sign. Not only are they deaf, but they are slow too!

Deaf Child

Oh and look, there is my beau Brad! Calling to confirm our dinner plans! I told him 7:30 at Spuddy's was fine, I don't think I have any other plans.


I must have been looking extra sexy today as the grass got a hard-on/erection/lob-on/woody - whatever, it was erect!

Green thingy

Bloody monkeys! Can't go anywhere without them swinging in the trees!

Bloody monkeys

Next we see the mailman. The lazy arsed tossers have to use vans here, not like proper English postmen!

Mail man

Thats a big dog that can leave a pile like that!

Big pile of poop

By now I have been walking for approximately 30 mins and I'm getting tired, but then "Baggy Trousers" comes on my iPod and I kick it up a notch! I also pass the local store. This would be our corner shop, but we don't have a Granville there :(

Local store and bar

and now we pass where I work. Hard. Yes, I work hard! From this side you can only see the Fire Dept bay doors, but I work around the other side. I'm sorry but I wasn't doing any unecessary walking other than what I planned to do. Take my word for it. I work around the other side!

My Work

This deer just strolls through the gardens like Liam Gallagher at the airport!


Here we see a street sign that gets me so pissed! If you are clicking on these pictures to make them bigger (and if you are you will see that I did shave my legs in that earlier pregnancy picture!), you will see that the street is called Buckeye Lane. Americans call Conkers Buckeyes. Why? I haven't the foggiest. A conker is a conker is a conker. Not a Buckeye. and NO, it doesn't look like a buck's eye.


Now, it's time to slow down. Yes Tarzan, I hear you, I'm going as fast as I can!

Oy, Over here!

Here him roar!!!!

Well folks, as you can see, I am home.

Back home

back into the arms of my lovely Masseur Sven!


Hopefully, you enjoyed our walk, it will be repeated daily at 8:00 am!

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