Monday, March 07, 2005

Don't f*#k with my kids!

****Updated at bottom of post!********

OK, so I find out that two people attacked my 14 year old son at school this morning. (For some reason the school didn't get in touch with my husband and I didn't get my messages until I was out of town visiting my father-in-law who had just been rushed to hospital - a whole other story) Anyway, there were three fights before 8:45 am!!! This is not a school that is known for danger, fighting or such like.

But some skanky beeyotch has been trying to get attention to herself and is spreading rumors about my son and a friend of his (not gay rumors!!!). Anyway, a gang of kids took it upon themselves to take matters into their own hands and decided to first, attack his friend last week (from behind knocking him to the floor, kicking and punching) then this morning the attack on my son by TWO people.

Uh huh...... ain't happenin'.

I'm taking him to the police station tomorrow to file a report and this IS going to be taken further. I'm not gonna let these punk assed mother-fucking kids think they can do what they want. Not with my kids.

One of the kids just called and wouldn't give his real name, then when it became obvious that I knew who he was and that a report is going to be filed he was all up in my face "I'm only trying to apologize lady!". Get an attitude with me will you you little fucktard?

Oh, and his dad is supposed to be a cop! yeah, you heard me right!

I'm so mad right now. This blog isn't a 'mommy blog' really but don't fuck with my kids or I'll fuck with you is all I'm saying.

(I'm writing this late at 9:26 so hopefully I will have calmed down by tomorrow - doubt it!!!!)


OK. So I took my son to the police station and met Officer I'm-An-Ass. Officer I'm-An-Ass asks my son what happened and what had started it all. My son tells him that some girl is spreading rumors and thats where it all began. So Officer I'm-An-Ass shouts (yes, SHOUTS) at my son telling him that he should have gone to the principal and stopped all this. Then when Officer I'm-An-Ass asks my son what he wants to do, I butt in and tell him that I'm pressing charges regardless. THEN Officer I'm-An-Ass tells my son that he 'needs to be a man' and that he can't go "wah wah wah-ing" to all the teachers etc., I'm thinking, "Hang on a sec, you just told him that if he feels there will be trouble to go see the principal, now he's a wuss if he does? Are you fucking kidding me?" Then Officer I'm-An-Ass turns to me and says "you are just a mother" then turns to my son and says "Let me tell you, nothing gets between a mother and her son, get used to it" Seriously folks, I'm not making any of this up!!!!!!

So Officer I'm-An-Ass gets up sighing like he wishes he could be elsewhere, and tells my son to make a statement while he got the camera (yes, to take pictures of the bruises around my son's face!!!!!) all the time, sighing and slamming stuff down.

Once Officer I'm-An-Ass finished doing that, he asks my son to wait in the lobby while he talks to me. Then, he turns to me and aks "why are you doing this?" I told him that I am not going to stand for assaults by these violent kids in school against my kids. Officer I'm-An-Ass then tells me I shouldn't stereotype these kids. Oh, I'm sorry, why am I calling them violent? Oh, thats right, they ATTACKED my son. They have proven the violent tendencies!

(Seriously, I can handle my own shit, but at this point I was like wishing my husband or Tony Soprano or Ryan from Jersey were there to help me out!!)

Officer I'm-An-Ass then tells me that I'm obviously not going to change my mind so bids me good day. I take my son back to school and meet with the principal who has obviously dealt with Officer I'm-An-Ass before and tells me that I am doing the right thing.

So there you have it folks. Officer I'm-An-Ass will meet with the boys and their parents then as I am pressing charges, the case will go to the prosecutor who decides what to do. I totally want it to go all the way. These boys should know better. First of all, it was two against one!!!! The parent of the other kid who got attacked was talked out of pressing charges and Officer I-Could-Give-A-Fuck-Less who spoke with her said that this is just 'boys being boys'.

In first grade maybe!!!!

These kids are taller than me so I'm totally not taking that crap! Who in this day and age doesn't know that schools have zero tolerance?

So I will keep you informed. I am hoping that my next post will contain less swearing. I don't want first time readers to be put off by this.... I'm not normally like this, just check out my other posts as proof (well, not the previous three........ but after that! :)

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