Friday, May 27, 2005

My friends..................

I have been blogging for almost a year now, and I can't believe how much a part of my life it has become!

I frequently wonder "What did I do before Blogging?"

Well, I know this for sure. I wouldn't have half as many friends, wouldn't have laughed, cried or been as puzzled about things as I do now. I have learned things I never knew before, (some of those things I really could have done without learning but, whatever..........). I am experiencing things through people that I wouldn't have otherwise. I'm interested in things from all over the globe instead of just the US and England.

I have daily discussions with my new friends about everything and anything, and these people all have the same interests as I do (it seems!).

Through blogging, I know that:

Frally is entering the NZ Idol on June 14th, and that she should be in with a pretty good chance (if you haven't heard her music, go check it out!)

Stella and I wonder what Ruksak looks like. We have decided that he looks to be in his late 30's (which could be anywhere from 35 to 40!!!!!), wears glasses and he has a mysterious aura about him. We also, and Kim included, think he may be quite good in bed what with him being all mysterious etc.,

That you may inadvertently be 'outed' by Jon like this guy but if you take it all in your stride, it shows you are a better person and may get you traffic to your otherwise unknown site.

That regardless of whether you want to have a good cry, laugh or a brief history lesson about family values etc., you are gauranteed all the above when you visit Panthergirl.

That newbies need some link-love. Remember what it was like when we were all just starting out, no-one to link us, no-one to link? Well, help a girl out.

That it's all about the BOOBS. Yes, it really is :)

That Greg makes me laugh.

How far Switzerland is and what there is to do there, for our trip in August to see the fabulous Mr and Ms Mac.

That people search my blog using the following words:
  • hob stripper divas video (HOB? as in HOB NOBS?)
  • Boobs (Well, we knew they'd come here didn't we?)
  • Carrie Fisher sex (Unbelievably, those words alone brought me over 5,000 visitors)
That my new friends (who I should call my old friends as I feel like I have known them FOREVER) worry about me when I don't blog for a day or four.

That I think about these people ALL the time. I wonder what the very hot and sexy-in-his-shorts Richard is getting up to with GG, how Jon can be so funny ALL the time, How Stella is coping with Craig gone, how Drainy is getting on with her Las Vegas wedding, and so on and so on. I have a bunch more people I haven't linked but you know who you are. I feel so loved and happy when I blog and surf and read all about the lives of these people. You have no idea how it makes me feel to know that what I'm going through in MY life is just what everyone else is going through in theirs! I imagine that when we've all died (how is that for an ending?), we will all be up there, and I will recognize everyone and be all "Hey there girlfriend!!!!" How cool would that be?

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