Saturday, May 28, 2005

Why is it that.....

when you don't have any money you see EVERYTHING you want and need, yet when you have the money, you can't find a bloody thing?

AND, why does every store I go to only have one bar stool? ONE! Who buys barstools in singles? I need at least two. But no, they only have ONE!

Oh, and my phone company? If I get my phone service switched over to the new address on Friday I will have internet access back up on Tuesday, but if I do it on Thursday I won't get internet access until a week and a half from then. What is up with that? Tell me that makes sense? I'll tell you what it DOES mean. I'll be making more trips to the bloody library than is necessary for their internet use.


oh, and on a side note!!!!!!

The Bloggies have been updated and I have to say that Frally has done an awesome post that may very well move her up a notch next week!

and, now that I work where I work, I have to take part in the Memorial Day Parade! No, I won't be doing this:


but I will be doing this!


*takes a breath*

How fabulous! We live in a small town but I guarantee, there will be one of North East Ohio's biggest traffic pile-ups ever! Keep an eye out on CNN OK?

(and yes, G will be taking pictures!)

Short post coz I'm STILL packing. Yep, bloody packing.


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