Monday, April 25, 2005

Well, now that you are here, I'll put the kettle on.....

OK. I am in the midst of a blank blogging blitz at the mo, so following in the footsteps of the fab Jon, Chris, and Richard, to name but a few, I thought I would show you around my humble abode and let you see where I, Andrea, live with my brood.

Wipe your feet first......... (I just cleaned my carpet thats all!)


This would be the outside of my home. Note the new siding, fence, driveway etc., We have done a bunch of work to this house, you don't even want to see the piece of crap it was when we first got it!!!!



This would be the deck. I LOVE this deck and this will be one thing I will truly miss about my house. I designed this masterpiece!!!! Don't you love how it wraps around? Yep, me too! You get to see my big back garden too! Note the lack of flowers! And that isn't because of the weather (well, it is but.........) I am not a gardner. The kids mow the lawn and thats about it!


This would be my living room. I have no idea what is currently on TV at the moment. I'm thinking some docudrama that educates my kids!! (as if!!!!!!!!) As you can see, there is a coat hanging on the railing (coz that is SOOO where they belong you know!!!!)


To the right, you can see the dining room. We hardly EVER use this, only for Christmas and New Year and Thanksgiving I believe. A total waste of a room........ In the corner is G's pet lizard, which is about 5 inches long. (Not that lizard folks............*looks disapprovingly at Jon*)


This would be the view from the never-used dining room. You can see how the kitchen leads off. If you look carefully, you will see a really sad attempt at a plant on that coffee table thing. Yep, thats why I don't do gardens!





This is the kitchen. When I first put the green paint on the walls, I thought G would puke, but I actually like it. What say you? Now, heading upstairs......



The magic room! Yep, this is where it all happens. Actually, you can't see where the magic happens. It's behind that door on the left of the pic. Our computer table that is! Those flowery things on the bed and wall are from when we renewed our marriage vows last year. I didn't want to throw them away. I love the bed. A huge King size bed. One wherein I can shout at G and by the time he hears it at the other side it is merely a whisper....... You know, when we have our "face-time", just like Mr and Ms Mac...... The dark doorway you can see is our walk-in closet which I like. The light doorway is the en-suite (is that how you spell it?) bathroom.......


Which looks like this! I had to redecorate it coz we had some nasty wallpaper on and when I tried taking it off, lumps came out of the wall. So, the paint you can see, is a paint mixed with sand type texture..... Very Lawrence Lewellyn-Bowen I think...... What say you?

The next rooms are the two bedrooms upstairs, which you have already seen in their messy state....



It is killing the kids to keep them tidy what with us trying to sell the house!!!!!

If we now turn back downstairs, you will see the downstairs bathroom..... yet another room decorated by yours truly.....


and yes, that is me taking the pic.......


and last but not least, the room I hate the most..... The laundry room. As you can see, laundry is indeed waiting to be done. I didn't just put it there so you could actually tell what kind of room it was!!!! Also, if you look at the door frame on the right, you will see our handmade height chart..... with the heights, date and initials of the kids...... as they grow. I don't go for none of that buy it in a store height chart crap, not when I can de-value the price of my house by marking it in marker-pen, Biro or whatever else comes handy when you need it!!!!! and yes, there is another TV! We have 7 TVs in this house. Far too many but what can I do? If they didn't have TV they would want to be on the computer which would take me away from it..... and we can' t have that!

So there you have it folks. Chez Knapp. We are selling this, as we are in the process of moving (about a month from now) so pretty soon, I will have a new house to blog about! Fancy that!

Hoped you liked your visit, do come again!

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