Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday Somethings..........

Things that piss me off lately:


Why is it that whenever I order a Wendy's salad that promises to look like this:


I invariably get something that is comprised of just this:


and a possible tomato, with a fleeting introduction of an onion? If I only wanted a head of lettuce (especially the chunky tasty lumps !!!!!?) I would have gone to the store and bought myself one.

Snow in almost-May! WTF????????????


Bad grades - AGAIN


and last but not least.....

People who say "Acrossed" instead of how it SHOULD be pronounced, "Across". Why do they do that? Tell me, why?

But on the upside:

I am loving my new saying "Get Me!" (courtesy of the ever delightful Stella)

I also love my forgotten (but now remembered) polite way of telling people to "Bog Off".

I love blogging and reading blogs from people that actually not only mention me, but that do so in a good way!

I love smiling and seeing people smile.

I am loving the new before and after effects of my new hair-do here

and as much I'm NOT loving the snow right now, I AM loving living here in the good ol' US of A.


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