Sunday, April 10, 2005

Today was a great day!

Today? Well, today was just lovely. Nothing much happened, but the little things that did? Were great.

I slept in (and with) this hunk-a-chunk o'burnin'-love!


We went to get speakers (finally) for the computer so I can now hear Ms Mac, Richard, Mr Mac and anyone else out there that wants to do an audio blog! If you have one, let me know and I'll come and listen!

The sun was shining!


My kids were in a pretty amiable not-fighting-with-each-other kinda mood. I had to take pictures to capture this event as who knows when it could happen again - if ever?



I watched two and a half movies (yes count 'em - TWO AND A HALF)! A 1940's film called "A Letter to Three Wives" which was pretty good, then "Open Water" which was sad and scary, then Mr Mac falling on his arse! All I needed was popcorn!

Then I went to the store to get some steaks for the grill and now I'm blogging to you all about how great my day was! Don't believe me? Check out his point of view.

Tomorrow should only hope to be as good!

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