Saturday, April 09, 2005

I have no answers...........

  • Will Billy Idol EVER be too old to smoke pot and rock?
  • When my kids grow up, will they ever think "Mum was right"?
  • Will they ever grow up?
  • Will they ever think?
  • Will Kim ever get the shorts?
  • Why is everything you can eat on a diet boring?
  • But stuff you can't the tastiest?
  • Why can't I eat toast even slightly browned but yet need my meat well done?
  • Why do Brussel Sprouts taste so nasty?
  • But green peas so yummy?
  • Will the price of gas EVER go down?
  • EVER?
  • Why does the lowest fat milk look like it is water that has been introduced to milk, informally?
  • Why does my husband make a boatload of noise when getting ready for work, waking me up, but then whisper "Bye chicken"?
  • Will Britney ever go back to her non-skanky pretty self?
  • Will I ever visit Thailand?
  • Will anyone in my family ever be able to make a decent cup of tea?
  • Does anyone really care about Prince Charles and Camilla?
  • Why do news channels get anyone with an English Accent to be an "insider" and be interviewed on TV?
  • Why do I constantly let myself drink cheap crappy wine?
  • Why do I love everyone when I'm drunk?
Just a thought! Can you tell me?

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