Sunday, April 24, 2005

I actually do need to do some........

Hoovering that is!

I was looking at Ms Macs recent post, in which she was trying to explain the meaning of Cotton Wool for our American friend Kim, and it got me to thinking about the one thing that just drives G insane! (and I truly do mean insane!).


Now, you Americans call them Vacuum cleaners. Most English people just call them Hoovers. Regardless of the make.

See this?




and this?


Yep. All hoovers!

I'm sure that English bloke who spent years and years and a fortune, trying to make the best ever hoover, I believe he calls it a Dyson, is very happy with us just lumping all things that suck into a category simply known as hoovers, but you know what? Suck it Up!!!! ba-dump dump ........ (how funny was that?.........)

See, this is the thing. Everything else is just lumped together, cameras, fridges, computers, etc., so why not hoovers? Answer me that my friends! I just call a spade a spade.... ya know? Even this website calls them what they are.

So there you go. If I say I'm hoovering, you now know what I'm talking about. That is my tutorial for the day!

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