Friday, April 08, 2005

Last night......

(I don't want to be too wordy for fear that Blogger will eat this post like it ate the three before it!)

So I had too much to drink.

Crappy-cheap-out-of-the-trolley-discounted past-its-sell-by-date wine.

Here is a pic.


I laughed with WS on his Fabulous Tag Board - worth every penny of 77 pence if you ask me!)

I laughed with my friend Epihpany (not her real name BTW) over there in Nebraska, about how she wants to get tattoos on her face!

Not like This:


but more like Morgan Freemans moles under his eyes (so she says!)


I danced in silence to this fabulous thing that Richard made of my laughter in my audio thingy. (my speakers don't work but I bet it's good!)

and thats about all I did. I think. If I left any drunken comments on your blog, then be satisfied I don't know where you live! :)

OK. I am going to click on publish - who knows what will happen! Fingers crossed!

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