Monday, April 04, 2005

The Holy Grail.......oh, and a favor.......

Today, just when I thought my day was heading down the old crapper, I thought I would do a bit of exploding (ha, funny how those two go together isn't it?). Anyway, look what I won!


"I would like to thank the academy for believing in my clicking abilities, my on-line friends for having blogs worth reading when I DO eventually get to them, and for all those people with crap blogs? There is still time yet for you to change, and maybe one day, you, yes you can win these magical credits. Thank you and good evening...."

So, today wasn't too bad. The only thing that could make it better is if a certain someone out there (or anyone really) who is most excellent on photoshop, could put my head in this picture so I can have something good to aim for when I start my diet and exercise regime..... Anyone? and don't give me any of that "way out of my reach" crap either!


I guess it would help if you had my picture......


I can so see me with that body can't you? Look at me all cheek-boney! Pity there's no collar-boney look! ha!


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