Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hit me baby one more time.......

OK. I had three people attempting to 'do' me in Photoshop! *oo-er missus*

#1 was the ever fabulous Whatevasista.


(not sure if my head is looking a bit large there.........)

Next up, #2, the new hottie Chris.


(I appear to have the 'deer stuck in a headlight' pose down pat and I'm looking rather tanned in my mush!)

and finally, #3 I have to say this is my fave, done by the lovely Edana......


I have rosy cheeks, a lovely smile, and perfect choice in knickers (yeah, I'm sure you guys out there noticed all that!)

So go ahead and vote people......... (as you can tell I've been at work and had nothing to blog about and I knew you were all waiting desperately for these pics..... If anyone would like to photoshop me marrying Brad Pitt or threading my fingers through Tom Sellecks chest hair, just drop me a pic through e-mail......)

P.S. A massive thank you to all those people who, whether they were telling the truth or not, said I was perfect as it was. Those comments made my day!

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