Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Shorts........part II

If you haven't done so, you should read the following first:
And the winner is...

OK. The elf shorts reached their destination, and so the competition unfolds......Check out Frally's blog and see how you too, could be the proud wearer of the magnificent shorts.

I am going to put some kind of 'Captains Log, stardate....." thingy at the side of my blog so we can track the whereabouts and count the mileage.

If anyone knows how I can do a cool looking map or something, let me know. Ideally, it will look like one of those maps you see in Indiana Jones and a big red line will show where the shorts went but this time, instead of a small bi-plane at the front of the line, it will be a pic of the shorts. Is anyone following me at all on this:) ? Thats what I want anyway, but I'm sure it will turn out to look like something a first grader drew.

Well, I just got up, blogged, commented on a few blogs and now am going to go down and watch the last ever NYPD I taped from last night.

Andy Sipowicz
"I'm gonna miss you, you big bear"

Updates on the interviews: Check them out at Cheryl, Sis and Rebecca's blogs. I really like these interview questions, especially when you get good answers, answers you weren't expecting! You should also check out Katya's answers to Ms Mac's questions! Interesting...

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