Thursday, March 24, 2005

Moonlight shift, moons and general moony moon stuff.

So, I'm going to work in about an hour and a half and I have to say that this is the worst shift I have ever worked. Really. Who in their right minds works from 11 pm thru to 7 am? Answer me that! For the kind of work I do, it isn't too bad, and we generally get busy around bar closing times, but then 4 am comes around and I'm dead on my feet. What do we do? Generally watch COPS for an hour or two. Cops watching cops, ironic! Anyway, I can already hear my bed calling my name in the morning and I'll have turned off all the phones (so unless you have some telepathic abilities, I won't hear you calling! and even if you do, don't mentally wake me up!) and won't be awake till at least midday. Luckily I only do this once a week and hopefully I won't have too many more of these shifts to do.

On another moon-y note, Whatevasista had one of those moon-phase charts up (not sure why but it looked purty). Anyway, tonight was supposed to be a full moon according to that chart, and lo and behold, it was right. Here is a pic, (especially for you WS and Ms Mac - for I believe you said it may be cloudy where you are). The moon over Ohio at 9:29 pm. Full as full can be.


There really isn't much more to say. I'm tired and I have an 8 hour shift ahead of me. Fabulous.

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