Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hello? ABC Executives? Is there anyone there?

I want to know who was the bright spark at ABC that thought of withholding Desperate Housewives for yet another two weeks, making it almost a month of non-showing. (for those not familiar, click on the link and sort yourselves out already!)

I don't care about Oprah-bloody-Winfrey and her books that are turned into crap films, starring' Halle I'm-a-shit-actress-so-will-whore-myself-out-to-my-buddy-Oprah Berry'

I don't care! Just give me Desperate Housewives. Failing that ABC Execs, don't make bloody shows for people to get addicted to if you aren't going to put them on on a regular basis.

And don't EVEN get me started on LOST and the fact that next weeks show is yet-again a BLOODY REPEAT!

Now go have a happy Monday folks......don't mind me.........

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