Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Oooh, I'm popular.......

Or so I thought! Last night was my 'swearing in' ceremony at the Council Meeting which is held at the City Hall. As many of you know, I have just started my employment as a Deputy Communications Officer (911 answerer :). Anyway, as I was at work last night, all these people started coming into the building for the meeting (which is usually attended by about 15 people - 8 of those being the council members!) So I was getting all impressed, and nervous! As anyone will tell you, I get embarrassed by crowds of people staring at me! I had visions of me forgetting my words and doing a 'Diana' (remember Princess Di getting Charles' name all mixed up at the vows?) and just plain vomiting all over the mayor.

So I'm sitting there, sweating bricks, when my dispatch coach tells me that all these people were coming because one of the local bars in town (a tacky shithole of a place) had applied for a license for strippers and these people were against the proposal.


Which would you rather see?





It was good while it lasted! It went well though and I will upload a pic for ya if my husband took any decent ones.

On a better note, as far as my son and that whole incident is going, the only updates I can give you are:

Officer I'm-An-Ass called me and told me that on the day my sons friend was attacked, my other son who is at the High School had gone to the Jr High with some of his friends when school let out to make sure that Dan was OK. Officer I'm-An-Ass told me that they had all gone to have one big fight, so my sons were (and I quote) "No better than these kids". I so no longer give a rats ass what this guy thinks now and am thinking of doing what a few people have suggested and that being to go see his supervisor.

I can't remember if I had told you or not but prior to my going to see Officer I'm-An-Ass, I had gone to see my new boss, The Police Chief, to ask for his advice. Anyway, when I got back to work he asked how it had gone on and I told him everything. he said "Did you tell him you had talked to me" which I hadn't. I didn't want it to seem like a "My boss is gonna kick your bosses ass" type of thing you know? But it was good to know that even HE thought I was doing the right thing. Now I'm just waiting for Officer I'm-An-Ass to contact me again.

And that is it folks as far as an update. Thanks for all the comments, and the e-mails, I really really appreciate it, knowing that I'm not wrong!

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