Friday, February 11, 2005

Think about my links!

When I first started blogging those many moons ago, I never dreamt that I would make so many frie.....blech......

No really, I never thought it would be as long as it was. My link list that is - get your minds out of the gutter people!

Anyway, there are a few of the old favorites on there:

Ms Mac, Dooce, Toole,Karma and Katya to name but a few!

However, it is now time to give a big shout out to a few new ones I've added! PLEASE, please, please, check at least one of them out (and leave a bloody comment will ya!) if not all of them! They are added for a reason! They are good! So here they are and tell them you came from me!

  • Skinmeister : He is rude and crude, but funny as a .... well you catch my drift!
  • Whatevasista : He likes McFly, but if you can get past that (sorry WS:) he is awesome.......
  • Ruksak : A Bridlington man with a passion for writing in his own unique style.
  • You ain't seen me, right? : He's back with a new identity and blog look!
  • Sis : She's new to blogging so make sure you give her a big welcome.....Just don't mention earthquakes!
  • Frally : I love her writing!
  • Panthergirl : Her recent post about Popemon is just too funny!
  • Chickflick: Don't get her started on Marilyn and her 6 toes!

and last but not least......

  • Jersey Humor : And he wasn't chosen because he thinks European girls are hot (but it helped!)

So there you have it. Please check them out, and if you care to do so, let me know what you think! That way, I can get comments too!

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