Friday, February 25, 2005

I really do like squirrels, truly!

I don't know what it is but I keep running over squirrels. (and that is pronounced squi-rrels not squirls as many Americans tend to do).

A while back, I was driving, ran over one, and when I reversed to see whether I HAD in fact hit it, I saw that not ONLY had I hit it, I had also run over its wife/husband/son/daughter, whichever, who had come to check on it. Yep, a family outing had ended in disaster! Now who's going to feed and provide for them?

Today, I just nipped out to drop something off for my husband, and lo and behold, I ran over another one. I swear, my van must have acorns or something hanging from underneath that is attracting them. Whatever it is, I wish they would stop attempting suicide in my direct path. I'm getting down to at least 2 a week!

That's all.

R.I.P Mr Squirrel

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