Monday, January 03, 2005

So Fall came back for a quick visit?

I mean what the? We had a foot of snow (or more in some places last week) and now it has all gone! We have temps up in the high 50's and rain like we are in England or something! Really! I don't know whether to just wear snow boots or a bikini!

I have been looking at the news lately (as I do). Both BBC and CNN are usually my ports of call. This article caught my eye on CNN. Take a look at the article, then once you have read it, read this. Funny don't you think? But oh so true...........

Another thing that caught my eye was this article. I'm all for reality TV shows so long as they are Survivor, Survivor and oh, Survivor. Shows like the one Fox has planned make me just want to do a Claire. (chunk blower from the UK). How unbelievably tacky is this? What sane person would want to be introduced to their "daddy" on TV while going through this whole process? What if she chooses the wrong person? How embarrassing is that? I mean does Fox have any standards at all? Apparently not. If anyone is fool enough to watch this nonsense, then you should be ashamed of yourself. And as far as the "daddy" is concerned, putting your current family (if you have any) and your new-found daughter through this is downright disgusting. I feel so sick at the thought of this going out on TV, I really do.

I read this article on the BBC news. Being English, I don't really have an opinion on it. I mean, I've never really needed a pub to be open any longer than they already are. I have been thrown out at closing time but have never thought to myself "I could stay here at least another 12 hours, pleeeease stay open" Pub landlords are allowed to stop serving people who they feel are already too drunk so I don't really see the problem. If anyone has a comment to make to show me otherwise, feel free. Again, I don't see the negative.

Take a look at this, then read the description underneath it and see if you :

  • See the point.
  • Think it should be illegal.
  • Know that someone somewhere is wearing one (if you have a picture of a person looking like they are about to fall asleep while driving and could use one of these - please send it to me!! :)
  • It should also be known that someone somewhere is also making money from these things - sad isn't it?


Falling asleep while driving can become a serious sometimes fatal accident waiting to happen. A good way to avoid this from ever happening is to get The Nap Zapper. This smart contraption is placed on your ear. Then once you start to nod off, the alarm actives by using a electronic positioning sensor. Which will of course awaken you. Is it just me, but doesn't this look like a doorknocker?

Are you kidding me?

Well, thats about it so far folks. Comment and let me know what you think about todays posts.


Jilly said...

Ah see, you can take the british out of britain, but the weather follows! lol If you do get any snow, send it down South West England, thanks x

Anonymous said...

The French needed a revolution to develope to "Cafe Culture" do we need one ????
A Yorkie.