Monday, January 03, 2005

Finally something worth blogging about!

My arse!

For the past two days something has been wrong with my arse. (and it wasn't what I was talking about in my blog from the 1st of this year) I don't mean internally, or an "Arse Malfunction" *see Ms Jackson, Butt !!! seriously, I feel like I'm growing a growth or something! My arse is big enough already I am told, so growing something on it is a no-no! I think I've bruised it, or maybe it's because I have been Blog Explosioning too much and sitting on my uncomfortable chair too much, but something is happening down there and it hurts! It's in the coccyx area. EVERY time I move, I'm moaning and groaning "My arse hurts" followed by a "hole" from Claire. I'm like an old woman, I tell you!

If anyone has any idea what this could be, feel free to let me know. Any Doctors out there, I'll be your patient. Unfortunately, I cannot and WILL not send pictures of affected region (my new camera would explode) but I am very descriptive.

I don't recall banging it, falling on it, hitting it with anything, it just started to hurt! :(

I will stop now, suffice it to say I'd rather be diagnosed over the internet than have to go see an arso-ologist (I'm sure there is a more apt name for them - one doesn't spring to mind) and explain whats wrong.

Someone out there, help me out!


As of 11:15 pm it feels like it has roots so it may be a pimple.....(thanks anon.) gross..................


girl from florida said...

Could be your posture? Or sitting on it for prolonged periods of time? Either way, go have a doctor check it out, just in case.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's a pimple!

RuKsaK said...

Ha! I've had water shits for a week now too. Gonna see a doctor end of the week if I don't see some flotsam soon.

btw - got back from Thailand where I'd been consuming numerous curries.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's all the gas your producing!!!

Anonymous said...

Big time, or at least consistent bloggers tend to develop the fat (do not confuse with Phat) arse symptom :) But I have yet to see one actually write about it.

Deliciously gross. NO wait, just GROSS :)

Have a good day!!

(now go and wish the next someone u read or talk to the same!)


Mr Anigans said...

whoo...well i tell ya...i've done some serious sitting in my day and the closest i've come to this is "movie butt", that weird numb/pain you get from sitting on yer bum in those less than plush chairs.

maybe you're growing a tail?

sorry, not an arse-ologist.

Anonymous said...

Could be a boil or you need your spine adjusted.