Saturday, January 01, 2005

Things that get right up my a*#e.

I hate this crap.

and this makes me so mad too. Is there anything they WON'T sell? The Livestrong ones were OK and the money goes to Cancer Awareness directly I believe, but in this instance, this is wrong. I think we are all aware of what has happened in the past few days........ I don't need a f*$#@&% pin to remind me to be aware. How about a Crap Awareness one for when I need to go? People, just donate to the Red Cross or someone. DO NOT go and buy this crap.


Just checked into this and they donate 10% to the Red Cross! 10%. Not 100% or even 50%. ONLY 10%. You could give all your money to the Red Cross and it would get there or you could spend money on this crap and only 10% would get there. Ask yourself, which would you feel better about?


Is there anywhere they don't meet? :)

and this is unfortunate :}


Dot Bar said...

That is absolutely vile! But not surprising that someone would send those kind of emails. I think it must be someone who has not yet experienced grief and devastation in their lives....

Rachel Ann said...

Unfortunately I think there is a contingent of people who would not donate unless they also receive something for what they did.

Chris said...

I agree with you ! This people are totally exploiting the outpouring of sympathy by the world to this terrible tragedy. They are effectively pimping other people's misery by offering to donate a measly 10% of the proceeds.