Monday, January 17, 2005

Huh? Ha! and Hi!


How could you not notice that this is in your jaw, nose and brain?

If you go to this blog, there are lots of good recipes. HOWEVER, the person who blogs this, has put up a recipe for some nut clusters or something. They look like dog poop. I'm sure they are tasty but still..... Take a look. However, don't leave a comment coz if you look at the comment section, you will see that I wasn't the only person who thought this and almost every comment has been removed! Imagine that!

Ha! Ha!

Former child actor Macaulay Culkin is willing to testify that Michael Jackson never molested him during his many childhood sleepovers at Neverland. But first, Culkin has to come out of his drug-induced, memory-destroying stupor.
~Jake Novak

A man is speeding down a narrow mountain road, when a woman comes hurtling round the corner.

He swerves to avoid her, but as she passes she leans out the window and screams 'PIG!'

Astonished, the man turns and yells back, 'BITCH!' as he reaches the bend and crashes into a pig.

and Hi!

We all know what it is like posting and not receiving comments, especially when you think you have a good site! So I found this blog and I like her. I'm going to link to her. If you are reading this, drop in to see her and tell her I sent you and say hi!

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Happy and Blue said...

The recipe site was just too funny. I almost left a comment just to have it deleted, LOL..