Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Cough, splutter, hack and Claire Bear left us!

I was worrying about what to type today as:
  • I couldn't type anything about my arse (thank you all for your get well thoughts, flowers and gifts:)- My husband was quite disgusted that I had told you all about it in the first place!
  • I want to keep my faithful readers captivated - you know! The pressure is just overwhelming sometimes. (I hope you all appreciate it!)
Anyway, I then realised that I had to take my 15 year old son to the first of four of his appointed Anti Smoking groups. Yep, you read that right, 15 YEARS OLD! He got caught smoking on his third day back at school and this was the consequence. He's an early starter! I was worried what these classes would be like, and once we got to the local hospital that was holding them, I knew I had guessed correctly. It was full of other know-it-all-15 year olds, waiting outside - smoking no less!!!! pants round their ankles almost, baggy tops, dopey assed looks on their faces about ready to fall asleep! The teacher looked like she was old enough to be the first person that had ever smoked! Walking in the room, holding onto a zimmer frame, breathing like she had emphysema. If ever there was a way my son could be shown the effects of smoking, she was it. Personally, I would have liked him to attend an autopsy and see the effects of smoking on lungs (I had to witness this during one of the two out of this world autopsies I had to view as part of my Paramedic training - a story for another day). He could also have been made to work in an old folks home (nursing home to the US guys out there) and listen and clean up the mess from the old smokers there. Or help out on a hospital wing that treats people with breathing disorders caused by smoking. However, this apparently is viewed as harsh, and the teacher was all they could muster up! Kids are treated with kid gloves these days. I can see my mother smirking away at that comment!

I waited outside in my van and slept a much needed half hour as there was no way I could have sat in that class, watching her words go in one ear and out the other. He came out an hour later, I asked him how it was and he said "Gay". Then he said "Boring". Then he put in a C.D. of Snoop Dogg and that was all I could get out of him. Before we got in the house though, I told him he had to pay attention and do what they want as blah blah blah blah........ (Thats what my son heard coming out of my mouth!).

Anyway, we'll see how next week goes.

On a side note, who knew that this wasn't going to happen? You all know how engrossed I was with the whole trial, and it turns out that Amber had probably only physically met with Scott about 5 or 6 times! (I would say sleeping with him on the first date but who am I to talk? :). However, one thing I did think was odd was that the day after their first date, she trusted him "enough" to pick up her daughter from day care! After being with him once! Not only am I shocked at her for doing this, I'm stunned that a day care would allow him to do this too! but who am I to judge? I'm only the harsher-punishment for kids beeatch that my 15 year old hates!

Claire Bear went back to England today. She was oh so sad - who wouldn't be? I'm sure her family and friends will be glad to have her back but I want them to know I am sad that she went back! I told her she can move over here with us, and I think she was this close to doing it too! It was great having you Claire and you are WELCOME ANYTIME! The kids will miss you, so will G but I will miss you the most as I spent most of the time with you!

Well, my husband wants to blog (he will be here all night) so I have to get up. I shall be back with a vengeance tomorrow. Have fun you folks out there.

Oh and yes, my arse still hurts, I think it may be a boil or something that probably needs lancing and I know that will hurt more. Had to get that in for the worried people out there. :)

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Ms Mac said...

This may shock you, it still shocks me, to be honest- I smoked my first ciggie at the tender age of 9! I wish I hadn't. I have since given up and it was one of the hardest things I had to do, still trying to shift the giving-up-smoking-weight! I hope your son sticks with it!