Monday, November 22, 2004

Oh to know it all while being gay.

Well, according to He Who Knows All, AKA I'm Right You're Wrong, AKA my 15 year old son, I am gay, I live in a gay house and I'm also the worst parent in the world and he can't wait to move out.

Now according to me, I think I'm a great mom who lives in a wonderfully decorated (!!) house but I will agree with him on one point, I can't wait for him to move out, in fact if I could pay for it to happen sooner, I would gladly sell my body and if that didn't reap in enough cash, then my soul for that wonderous moment:)

What brought all this on you ask! Obviously I just woke up and that was my first mistake for him. Everything either I or my husband do, we do just to piss him off, we hate him, and we deliberately pick on him. You know it! and when we do it, we are gay! and we are gay because we live in a gay house.

Never mind the fact that when he does something wrong and we punish him "like no other parent in the world ever punished their kid", he then proceeds to go out the next day and do the very same thing that got him in trouble in the first place! But I'm gay so what do I know?

When he gets an F on his report card - at least he told us he was going to get it. I mean, he warned us about it so that makes it alright then I guess, what do I know, I'm gay?

Are you getting the picture here? I'm sure my mum is just chuckling away at all this thinking "what goes around comes around...." but it's not funny mum! I tell you, he's driving me mad!

I wouldn't mind, but I don't beat him (although I've been seriously tempted believe me!), I just ground him from going out, the phone and his TV. but this doesn't work, he could care less!

We have tried everything and nothing is working.... so if anyone has any ideas out there that involves nothing illegal! (sorry) please feel free to pass them on.

Well, now that I have got that off my chest...........

I love my new camera. So far I've just taken crappy pictures of nothing, just so I can see admire the brilliance of it, but pretty soon I will move on to taking actual pictures to share with you all. I know you are just dying to see them.

I did tons of Christmas shopping yesterday, and did a bit more today. I wrapped everything I have bought so far and it took me forever..... I don't want the kids seeing them. Not much happening tonight. I have to go to Giant Eagle, get all the Thanksgiving stuff (I actually have to thank someone for Nick?- are you kidding me? - oh, I have to thank someone for me not killing him yet, I see!!!!!), and thats about it.

I caught up on my Sopranos but I'm still only at the start of Season 2. I went to the movies on Saturday night and saw a pretty crap film, After the Sunset with Pierce Brosnan. I wished it would have been better coz he was looking pretty hot, but it sucked arse! Thats all I have to say about that.

Anyway, I'm signing off, I have to see what the rest of the kids are up to...... aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh

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Anonymous said...

We have your Bros with us so if it would help send Nick over for them to talk about 'rebelling', Tricky could teach him a trick or two. You need to communicate more. Not on your terms, Nick's. You don't understand him and you have a high level of education, how can he undestand you with his. He needs more understanding, love and attention. Perhaps he still feels "English". Don't ground him, give him plenty of space (or rope) to find himself (or hang)

Merry Christmas

Love Mom & Mark

Its Tough !!!