Tuesday, December 07, 2004

General thoughts

I have now added a weather link to my blog (right hand side - down by the links). That way, you folks in the UK can see what the weather is like here in Mentor, Ohio. I guess I should put an English one so that the US folks can see the Yorkshire weather. Let me think about that one........ Mind you, the weather there is pretty bland so I just need to post a picture of rain and fog and Bobs your Uncle....... (I just found out that the US don't say that! I have been saying it since I moved here and not one person has asked me what the fuck I'm talking about! Imagine that!)

- I just posted the UK weather - see right

I still love my christmas tree.. I really do. I mean, at night when the house is dark, lit only by my lamps the tree just glows. GLOWS I tell you. It just makes me happy, and the only thing that could make me happier is for it to snow and us to have our fire lit. Ain't gonna happen but I can only wish!

Does anyone think Maria Shriver and Skeletor were separated at birth?

Yesterday the Weather Channel was calling for tropical weather for this week at least, and yet looking at this I hardly think we could call it tropical. I mean, does it snow in the Tropics? Probably - but it just doesn't sound right!

Claire gets here on Tuesday! I remember when she would e-mail me and say "18 weeks to go" and yet here we are.

Did you read this story? I have to tell you if that was MY Angel I'd be mighty pissed! I mean really, think about it. Not only did her "angel" let her run a stop sign, it let her crash into another car, careen across the road and end up with a 12 foot metal post through her neck. She must have done something bad to make God send her THAT angel......... But like my husband said, "It may have been the other Madonna she was looking at" and you know the way Madonna has been in her past, God probably had good enough reason! Ya know!!! If there had been a pic of JC he may have thought better.......

My husband thinks this is one of the funniest jokes he's heard in a while...

WHY did the chicken cross the road, roll in the dirt and then cross
back over again? Because he was a dirty double crosser.

Does this mean he:

a) has the WORST sense of humor EVER?
b) Would laugh at your basic Knock Knock joke
c) both the above?

I mean, it's funny but not the funniest joke ever. The funniest joke ever is my dracula joke, and if you want to hear it, you have to either post a comment giving me your e-mail address or e-mail me directly. It is probably offensive (I know it is) and I totally don't want to be doing that on this blog when I've only just started doing it!

Ouch! (I read this on another blog)

BERN (Reuters) - A player in Switzerland's top division has been left without a finger after a goal celebration went horribly wrong.

Servette midfielder Paulo Diogo was forced to have his left ring finger amputated on Sunday after catching it on a perimeter fence during his side's 4-1 win at Schafthausen.

The 29-year-old Swiss-Portuguese player jumped up on the fence in celebration after setting up his team's third goal.

Diogo, who got married recently failed to notice, however, that his wedding ring was caught in the metal barrier and severed the top two joints of the finger as he jumped back down.

and then to make matters worse - He was then shown a yellow card for his excessive celebration.

Doctors at a Zurich hospital were unable to re-attach the finger joints and advised the amputation of the remaining stump.

Well, thats all for now...... I'll have my highlights and lowlights for you later.

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