Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More General Musings

Virtual Models ahoy

Someone actually did the Virtual model! Yeah! Ms Mac did it, and a rather fine current and future model it is too! I told her that I did mine and wasn't too happy with the results so re-did her and what do you know, I look mah-vellous.


I have often wondered why I go to the loo so many times a day (My husband swears he goes twice and thats it! - Pah!). I think I may have figured a reasoning behind it. Could it be that it is currently only 9:18 am and I have already knocked back a full jug of coffee? I mean I made my coffee pot and drank it all myself and it is only 9:18 am. Is anyone seeing where I'm going with this? I'm also going to my friend Debs house later this morning wherein I will continue to drink more coffee and probably go to her loo oh, about 5 times........ What do I do? I like coffee and tea?

Blog Explosion

Since I joined Blog Explosion (great thing) I have read many fine Blogs, and many not so fine. I have to say the ones that really piss me off are the ones that when you see the page all you see are ads. And I don't mean your little GoogleAdsense ones that I have, oh no, they have flashing ones, big ones, small ones, any kind just all over the place and you can't read what they put, never mind see where they actually DO blog. Why bother? I can't see that they would bring in much revenue coz as soon as I see that page I click on another one.....

I also don't like the Blogs that are ONLY political. We have newspapers and FOX news for that my friends......... I know many people will be like "we don't care what you like or don't like" but you know what folks? This is my blog and I'll write what I want! :) (which I guess negates my blog coz that is exactly what THEY are doing!) Hhhmmm.... I've stumped myself. (which isn't really THAT hard to do!!!)

Famous People selling stuff

Let me ask you this people, have you ever bought something coz someone famous is advertising for that company? I mean, when you go buy a Ford Truck, do you go to the car store and say "Ooh, I'll have a red truck just like Toby Keith?" Do you go buy Bud Light coz Tim McGraw drinks it (though I have to say I wouldn't mind his lips against mine......... - Was that TMI?) NO. You buy stuff coz you need it. God that makes me mad.

Well, it's only early and I already had so much to say! I'll be back later....

OOooh, Lost is on tonight.....

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Ms Mac said...

Hmmm, you're a stronger gal than I! I once bought a mascara because Sarah Michelle Gellar was flogging it and yesterday I got a craving for Martini because the delectable George Clooney was flogging it! God help me if Robbie starts doing ads, my Visa card is already maxed!