Monday, November 15, 2004

I want to marry Santa......

Todays blog was going to be about something totally different. Then I decided to go around the stores looking for Christmas trees (pre-lit) and decorations and to price up Christmas presents so I had some sort of clue how much this Christmas was going to cost us....

Before I really go into this blog, I have to tell you (in case you don't know) I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

No, really I love Christmas. If I could have snowflakes falling on my screen I would (I am in the process of trying to figure out how to do that)

I love Christmas as much as Michelle Depetris (the one in the green hat) loves Halloween and for those that don't know Michelle, she would be Mrs Halloween if she could!(Sorry Chris - the one on the right) In fact she is almost there! :) For those that DO know Michelle, you know exactly what I am talking about! I'm not sure what it is about Christmas that starts me off but I am just so happy and cheerful all the time during this holiday season.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I decided to go pricing up trees. I went to Walmart to look at present prices first (but it so happens they sell trees too!) Anyway, I was wandering about the aisles, listening to Christmas muzak being played, and I was just so happy! I was there for 2 flaming hours! I saw this tree and I have to say folks, this is the one I'm getting. Not only is it PRE-LIT, it is PRE-DECORATED! How time-savingly-cool is that? and another selling point (not that it needs one) it doesn't come in 3 parts, it's all in one, and you just press a button and it is kinda like hydraul-icky. ( George will love my terminology there!!!!!) Anyway, you just press the button and hey-presto-bobs-your-uncle your tree is up! Gotta love Walmart! I had given the kids some catalogues (not sure if thats how you spell that over here) earlier this weekend and just told them to circle what they wanted - not that they would get everything but it gave me some idea of what they wanted. You ask them directly and all you get is "I don't know". If I told them that Santa didn't leave anything coz when he asked me what they wanted I said "I don't know" they would be pretty pissed! My kids are too old for Santa but you catch my drift!!!! So as I said, I was walking around the store, just looking at all the decorations etc., and I swear, I could live in Santas Grotto. If I could, I would have decorations up (inside) all year round.

I mean, I love getting presents, seeing presents under the tree, decorating my house, having candles lit, bows and ribbons up all over, I love drinking hot cider, I love watching snow fall (not being in it, coz as many people will tell you I am a BEE ATCH if I'm cold!! - see G's last blog!!!) I just love Christmas. I love watching Christmas movies - Scrooged especially!

But anyway. That was only Walmart. I have a million other stores to go to!

That was the highlight of my day folks. Sorry if it didn't sound too interesting...... I'm sure I will have more to say later.......

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