Thursday, December 16, 2004

But retail therapy never harmed anyone......

Well, after my complete and utter crappy day yesterday (see below), things could only get better. AND they did (thanks Ms Mac and Evie for your good thoughts!).

Claire and I went back to the Social Security office where the bitchiest girl on the planet who had turned me away once before was waiting for us again! I swear, it must be in the job description for a Social Security office:


BEE ATCH of the highest order, must be ugly, bad tempered and have zero patience. If you have any of the above, this job is for you! Must be able to piss the public off, be rude and take more time than is necessary to complete tasks.

Seriously. So once we had that whoel issue sorted out, yes, we got it sorted out! we decided that the only thing to do next was shop. AND we did! We went to Khols where I bought a perfect mug for my Horlicks that Claire brought over for me (and she has faithfully promised to send me a jar every month). Its my use only, not for tea or coffee but Horlicks. Get that?

Then we hit Tar-sjey, where Claire bought the remainder of her presents - how can you not love Tar-sjey? Then we hit Walmart where I bought more candles than is necessary and then went to the China Buffet for lunch and Giant Eagle to buy some ingredients for a trifle I'm going to make. I haven't had a trifle since my Aunty Barbara's first wedding I think. People just don't do them as often nowadays and I don't know why. Just coz I'm older doesn't mean I don't like me trifle!!!!

So the day did get better and now it's time to relax. Clairebear is wearing me out! I tell you. but she's having fun.


Anonymous said...

Just stopping in to say hello and to congratulate you on your recent nomination at the BoB Weblog Awards 2004.

Ms Mac said...

Wow, you got nominated- I have to go and vote for you now!
So glad things got sorted out at the Social Stupidity office! I reckon I could work there, I have all the attributes, except I'm not ugly. Quite the opposite in fact! ;-)