Thursday, December 16, 2004

Places not to go when you are already in a bad mood

I am currently in the apparently never-ending process of trying to get my kids Social Security cards changed from their birth surname to the adopted surname. A simple process you would think, given the fact that applying for the card in the first place was easily done by mail. A one step job, filling in an application form, sending a birth certificate and Bobs your Uncle, the card arrived three weeks later.

Well, for every easy job, there is a more difficult one around the corner. I have been to the Social Security office now 6 times trying to change this but every time I go, they tell me I need a different bit of information. One time I needed proof of residency in the form of an original letter from the immigration. I took that and the guy said "as of yesterday, the laws changed and we can no longer accept that". Coincidental? So they tell me that I need a US passport. I was trying to get the SS# changed so that I could GET a US passport but try telling that to Mr Jobsworth. Then I finally got the passport (after going another route) but we still needed the SS card with the new name change. So again I ask them what I need and they tell me I need the adoption certificates to prove why their names changed. I took those yesterday WITH the US passport and was once again told that I need something to show their original surname. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE THE ORIGINAL DETAILS ON THEIR COMPUTER SYSTEM!

So I am going back today with Claire (who is just amazed at this whole crappy ordeal I am gong through) and I have every bit of information I have on the kids, I was even contemplating taking a blood sample but something tells me that even with that it wouldn't be enough.

I wouldn't mind, but when you already in a shitty mood, with all this frustration, they make you take a number and sit for around an hour and they have three windows available for people to help BUT THEY ONLY HAVE ONE OPEN! And they wonder why people go postal on them.

Anyway, its only 8:54 am and it really isn't good for me to be in this bad a mood so early.

Yesterday was a good day, of course Claire was here! Yey! She was cold! hahahahahaha I told her she would be but I don't think she realised the full force of things like "Wind Chill Factor" ;) and "Snow".......

We had fun though once we got through the whole mess above, and we went shopping, and she bought herself some ceramic hair straighteners..... I know, woooooo, but apparently they are pretty expensive over in the UK. She bought a pretty decent pair (that comes with travel adapters etc.,) for only $20 and those over in the UK would have cost her 6 times as much! Amazing. Sometimes I love living here......

Today we are going back to the above place that shall not be named, then we are going to Khols, Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart and anywhere else we can go!

So I shall write more later and hopefully my story will have a happy ending.


Ms Mac said...

Good luck with that, sometimes the red tape just isn't worth the paper it's stuck to!
Hope you're having a brillo time with Claire!

Sugar said...

Hope that your day turned out a whole lot better than it started :-) keep smiling xx