Tuesday, November 23, 2004

testing 123

Well, I have to say that was one of the most ridiculous tests I have ever taken. Oh the first part was OK where you had to guess the odd one out of certain pictures, and the part where they asked you questions like :

Q: I often feel like I don't want to live anymore

A) Often B) sometimes C) Never

Well, they were easy to sort out, but then they had 120 questions from a book that must have been in use since the bloody 50's. It was so odd, I was just just shaking my head. I mean, one of the questions was :

Q: You have spare money, what do you spend it on?

A) Building a bomb shelter in your yard
B) Spending it on your sweetheart

Obviously this whole test thing was done before womens lib was even thought of. All questions were either bomb-shelter or sweetheart or science related and nothing was woman oriented, not that it had to be but you just got a feeling that some old guy who looks like Harry Truman does in that picture was sat at a desk writing these questions out. It just got so ridiculous towards the end. But anyway, they called me half an hour after the test and said they had got the results through and everything was fine.

Now I have to do the polygraph and that is where I am going to mess up. It's going to be so Maury! I know it! They apparently give you the questions before the test and you go through them and if you have any questions, you ask them before they do the test, then off you go. How nerve-wracking is that? I know you are all probably saying "Well what do you have to be nervous about?" Well, 1) Are you telling me you wouldn't be even a smidge nervous? 2) We all have some skeletons in our closet! Know what I'm saying?

Wish me luck coz it's in the morning!

Oh, and I put up my amazing tree and took pictures which I will put on this site tomorrow after I get back...... It looks amazing, just like on the website! Awesome!

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Anonymous said...

I've had a test like that before, for a job in a mental health clinic...!! Questions like: I think about sex a) always, b) sometimes c) never....!! Oh please. How stupid do you have to be to answer these things exactly as they want you to. I mean, I could choose to answer so they think I am a genius or a nutter. Honestly. I chose genius and they were literally all fawning over me and saying how smart I was. Idiots!

T : )