Saturday, November 13, 2004


OK, now I know I am behind the times but I have just watched the first 8 episodes of the Sopranos and I am HOOKED! Sometimes I think I'm "up" on all the tv shows etc., but I guess you can only watch so much TV!!!! Same as Nip Tuck. Didn't start watching that till the end of the second season! MAD!

Well, I start my Christmas shopping on Wednesday. New tree etc., (a pre-lit one). Then for all the presents. CANNOT wait. One thing I am amazed at is the fact that people around here have already got their christmas decorations up already! Its only November 13! Not even Thanksgiving....... Oh well.

As you can see, nothing happened today. G took the kids to the Cavs game and I stayed in watching TV. Then I did 19 tons of laundry and am about to now (10:17) go to bed and read a book - Danielle Steele if you can imagine...!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to a Browns/Steelers party and should be back late. Party on!

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