Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hallmark Channel

Well, I woke up this morning and seeing as the Scott Peterson trial thing is over till Monday and I don't have the current Soprano DVD set I just browsed the channel guide and saw Little House on the Prairie was on at 10:00 am. I haven't watched that for years so I got a cup of tea and settled in for a good show. Let me tell you, by 10:09 I was sobbing like a good one! Charles Ingalls just heard from his daddy that "his mawmaw" was dead. Oh I cried and cried! Can you imagine? I had an American penpal once - Jennifer Devivo, 26 Gatto Lane, New York (thats all I can remember)and she sent me a bunch of the books for Christmas once, they were ace. Anyway, I was crying and stuff and I had to get out of this funk.

Now my regular readers - I know you are out there even though you don't sign my guestbook!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reading through my blog, what is the ONE thing that cheers me up? The ONE thing that can lift me to the heavens with happiness? Yep - you guessed it - Christmas shopping.

So I finished my tea and toddled off to Walmart. Now, you remember that I only went Monday (3 days ago) to price stuff up. Wouldn't you believe that they had moved their stock around and I couldn't even find half of it! How crap is that? So after an exhaustive search up and down the aisles (more than once) I gave up. I just bought what I could and left. There are plenty more days till Christmas to get the stuff elsewhere and we all know I love shopping so it's not THAT big an injustice but sometimes that just doesn't cut it you know?

Tonight Survivor is on so we are going to settle in for that. Might even have a drink which is why I am typing this now coz if I have a drink, THEN watch Survivor I might go on a huge rant about who got kicked off and say more than I should - giving myself away as some Survivor groupie...... which you know I'm not right? right?

Well, I may type more who knows...... but there you go.

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Anonymous said...

I'm always here for you toots!

T Bag.!


Anonymous said...

I'm out here!! But soon I'll be out there. Yipppeee!!

Claire bear. xx