Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What is so special about pointy boobs is what I want to know........?

Back in March of forever ago, I did a post about my boobs (copied in its entirety below for reflection purposes....). IN that post, I had pictures of pointy boobs as an example of how my boobs were NOT. I've recently had a gander at the visitors on my blog and do you want to know how many have found me through searching for 'Pointy Boobs'?


What is surprising is that they weren't searching for 'boobs' or 'pointy stuff', no, they were searching specifically for 'pointy boobs'. Who does that?

Anyway, it just boggled my mind and I wanted to share that with you.

You're welcome! and here now, is the post I'm talking about......


My Boobs, Hooters, Cans, Melons, Breasts and/or Gazoongas.

There has been a lot of talk about the afore-mentioned items on not only my blog but on others such as Antipodees, Ms Macs, Whatevasista and NickleAnnies.

Let me tell you, I have never felt more proud!

My bosoms never really came in to play until about 10 years ago. Up until that time, my boobs were more 'in-growing', in fact, some people mistook my shoulder blades as backward boobs. Really!

Then for some reason, they grew. Amazing. I think that putting weight on also enhanced them (and is the only reason that I don't want to lose weight for fear of the shrinkage and we all know what shrinky boobs look like.)

Jonathan are you puking right about now?

Anyway, while my boobs are not humungous, (they just appear so in the profile pic) they are just OK.

As you know, they look like this:


Not like this:


Like this:


But not like this:


They kinda look like this:


But they definitely don't look like this!


So I guess all I'm saying is that while they are by no means extra special, they are mine and are treated well.

I am however, overwhelmed at the attention that they are receiving from you all, and long may it continue.

Thank you!

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