Monday, January 21, 2008

There'll Be No Living With Him After This.........

So, I don't know if I mentioned it before but Dan (17) is wanting to join the Marines when he is 18. Until then, school is the first priority - for me anyway.

For Dan, his first love is rapping. Seriously. He has been into this for quite a while and about a month ago, he and his friends played Peabody's concert club, downtown. He was very excited about it and was calling and texting every 10 minutes about how cool it was getting VIP treatment etc.,

Well, things apparently went well, for last night they played Club Extreme * here in Mentor. Here are some pictures from the 'gig' last night.


Screaming at my son.

Like, SCREAMING as though he's a rock star.....

There'll be no living with him after this!

My Rap Star.......

Click on the picture for a bigger size

* Club Extreme is a hideous place and no teen girl should ever be allowed to go there. But, parents that don't care, well, what can you do? Georgia will NEVER go there.

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