Sunday, July 08, 2007

Michigan Fun........

This weekend we attended a wedding of a very dear friend of ours in Dundee, Michigan. We dropped the dogs off at the kennels on Friday then set off for the wedding.

Is There Anything Funnier?

It was lovely, very proper and fun at the same time. When the Wedding March is interrupted by the Ohio State Fight Song* you know it's all going uphill from there!

However, I'm guessing that opening the huge church doors and catching my toes and ripping the skin off them then dropping a rather loud F-Bomb in a very echoey place won't make me any closer to God. Good job I'm not religious then.

It was a nice break from remodeling the bathroom for George and just nice to get to see Sarah and some other people I hadn't seen in a couple of years. It was nice to see the kids dressed up and having fun too!


We came back today, picked up the dogs from the kennels, and came home to chill for a while. I say chill in the most sarcastic way because right now, the weather is anything BUT chilly. This afternoon it was 95 degrees, that's about 35 for you Europeans (I know you probably already know that but whatever...........) which called for a fully clothed jump into the pool.

61/365 - Yes.  It Was THAT Hot!

The kids seemed to enjoy their first proper wedding but were confused by many things. Daniel has sworn off getting married EVER and Georgia? Well, George won't let her get married till she's at least 35 so we are good there........ But one thing I DO love about weddings. All married couples sitting in the aisles look at each other, remember when it was their day, nod and shake their heads in agreement with the preacher when he is telling the Bride & Groom about "Loving" and "Understanding" and "Comforting" your other half and how it isn't always an easy path they are taking. Every now and again, if they are fortunate, someone will shout "Run for the Hills while you still can......" I joke, I joke... But as I said earlier, it was a fun wedding and I'm glad we went.

This coming week, while George is finishing the bedroom and replacing more doors upstairs, I shall be trying to get us all ready for our vacation to Punta Cana. I am looking forward to that if I do say so myself.

Now, I shall go and jump into the pool again, this time with my swimsuit on. Plus I need to recover from the shock of posting twice in less than a week.

Georgia Rae Dan and His Crooked Shirt

Georgia and Dan

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