Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July and all that.........

Yep. Today is July 4th, the day Americans celebrate their Independence from Great Britain. You know how I know this, aside from all the fireworks that were set off last night until the ungodly hour of 10:30 pm? and the unusual plethora of flags all over the place?

I know this because almost EVERY person makes some stupid arsed comment about me being English and how they hate the English and how the English ruined it all for them and how if it wasn't for England they'd be a much happier place and how and how and how.

30/365 - British Through and Through...

I get this every year. Because, the first time I heard it all? It wasn't nearly as funny so I have to be told it again and and again until I actually laugh out loud and say "Stop it, you funny American you".....

56/365 - Drowning In Immigration

Actually, I don't really mind. I mean, if my country had been taken over for a while I'd be pretty pissed. Oh wait, it never has been*! :)

Before any Americans start commenting nastily, please hold off............

I have lived here for almost 9 years - bloody Nora time flies! I'm still waiting to become an official citizen and not just an alien. (Yes, I'm an alien which leads to yet more crappy not funny jokes.) My Immigration $$$$$$ lawyer tells me that it has been almost a year since we put the forms in so I should be hearing pretty soon when my test and interview should be and that I should start revising. So I'm trying to revise. Trying. But I get easily distracted, like, I've always wanted to go to Mt Rushmore and when I see the cover of the Civil Test Packet, I start to day dream about that and not think about the 13 original colonies etc.,

and how many stars are on the flag? I start to think about all the stars I want to meet, like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs etc., and how I want to do a dirty job with him. A really DIRTY JOB if you know what I mean!!!!!!

See? Distracting isn't it?

For some reason, I am quite looking forward to that day. I know that we are going to have a huge party - to which you are all invited of course - and it may be a themed one too, wherein you all have to dress up as a character from American History. (Obviously you won't have much of a choice as your history isn't that great - a joke a joke.......) I also may start talking with my crappy American Accent from that day forth too. Oh, you Americans have so much to look forward to:)

However, I am also looking at things from another angle. Should my interview NOT go well or should I totally flunk the test - Bill Pullman WAS one of the presidents wasn't he? it also gives us a chance to live elsewhere. I mean, if America doesn't want me *sobs* then where else can we live? is the way I look at it. I won't go back to England (not because she isn't great and almighty - more in it wouldn't be a step forward for me or the kids). George wants to live in Mexico but I want to go live somewhere far away like an island somewhere..........*distracted again*

Where was I?

Oh, America. So, even though I AM English and hated for it, I shall try to put this to one side and enjoy the festivities of today. The parades, the hot dogs and burgers, the joy, the pride, the euphoria, the overall gratification that is July 4th.

Enjoy it and make it a safe one.

I'll end this post with a picture of someone who sets off fireworks in all the right places for me..... Ladies, please salivate over Mr Mike Rowe. Be Dirty...................

*can't be arsed checking to see if we have ever been taken over by someone else but I doubt it so take that as my 100% confirmation.

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