Friday, April 27, 2007

On The Road Again..........

At some point today, Michael will be mounting (oo-er missus) the Megabus and will be heading to the cool, hip-happening town that is Cleveland. However, seeing that Cleveland is neither cool OR hip-happening, he might just ride on through and head to somewhere East of here. Christ, if it were me I'd be heading East till I hit New York or some such place.....

Anyway, until he arrives - after a 10 hour bus journey his ETA will be 10:30 PM - I shall be racing around the house like a blue arsed fly. Thus far I have shampooed my carpets, washed bed sheets, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms and bought little trinkets that will remind him of the fab time he had here.

Did you catch that I have dusted? I thought it was about time I got rid of the "Ms Mac Woz 'Ere" scribblings Stella left in the dust the last time she visited!.


I'll actually be working when he arrives so it will be up to George to collect him. I'm hoping they come and visit me at work before they go home, that way Michael can see me in action (again with the sexual references!) Once I have slept a couple of hours in the morning, our weekend of fun will begin!

For those of you who have never met Michael, let me tell you this. Michael is funny, smart, generous, friendly, giving, one of my best friends and just an all round pleasure to know. I am so excited that he is coming to visit! Listen to Michael being interviewed here. This is him to a T. There are soooo many comments I could make ABOUT this interview however, I'll leave you with a "Wait till you hear the hammer part...." and the story about his sister? Priceless!

Pictures will be posted on Monday and a review Ms Mac style will be given.....

Have fun without me!

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