Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Macs went to Ohio for a holiday and all they brought me was this lousy flu!

It is now 6:37pm and I may be correct in thinking the Macs are on their way to Zurich by now. Either that or they are stuck in Newark, a real pretty place to be stuck.

So, there are a million questions I know you are asking yourselves by now.
  • Did they have fun?
  • Were they bored?
  • Did they get sick of everyone asking where they were from and then having to explain the whole Switzerland/Australian and Scottish thing?
  • Did they like us still?
I know! I'm asking them too!

I CAN however, give you a couple of "recently heard in Ohio"s to see if that helps!

"My name is Mohammed and I'm the black Superman"
"Craig, could you come in my Vah J J"
"So, if you're gay then that must make you........."
"You Joey"
"See what you married!"
"I just LOVE Dave & Michael"
"I'm sending for the kids next week and we are moving in!"
"It's twenty fucking minutes away for Christ's sake."
"Get me out of this shop NOW!"
"I wouldn't quite call it an accent but....."
"It's candy, for your ass"
"You live in Switzerland? What state is that in?"
"In Americ-er"
"I'm Ahndie's best friend"
"I'm drunk"
"You are SOOOO cleaning that mess up!"
"Is that a battery operated tea-light you are using as a birthday cake candle?"
"Let me guess, bourbon chicken? Am I right? I'm right aren't I?"

and many, many more.

Stella was pleasantly surprised when, upon thinking we were going to the airport to pick up the Bitchy ratbag of a sister that George has, we instead, picked up Michael and Dave! Yes, the girls were all in town for the party (which as an extra bonus for me - went swimmingly if you don't count the fact that I forgot to put out the potato salad which was in the fridge downstairs and the tealight....)

Michael Dave

Here are more of my favorite and soon to be framed (quite possibly in a heart-shaped frame Helen!!!!) pics of the week, and more are in a slideshow here....


Yes, we got them (I got two!)


Stella doing what she does best!

My fave

and my fave one of many.....

So, going on the pictures, and comments, I am giving the trip a 10+. Of course, you'll have to ask them what they thought........ Craig did leave with what appears to be the onset of flu, and I've been on the sofa dying all afty, coughing, pet-lipping and frozen also with what appears to be the onset of flu.

Pity me..... No really. Please PITY ME!

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