Friday, March 16, 2007

Today, I'll mostly be getting F*@#$ed By Mother Nature*.........

I know there is all this Global Warming bollocks that is going on, but really. One minute I'm getting my Summer gear out, the next I'm walking down the street, knee deep in snow wearing nothing but shorts and a tank top. Not Pretty!

This picture on the left was taken Wednesday night, just prior to a major downpour of torrential rain, and also prior to a tornado that hit just a few miles from us. We had thunder, lightening, the way you love me is fri.....


Why am I complaining about that? Well, the DAY before, it was 75 degrees. You read that right! (almost 24 for you guys in Europe). I had the windows open, the doors open, the furnace OFF. It was awesome and right now as we speak I'm looking at snow.

Fuck You Mother Nature.

In other news, I have decided that if all I ever do for the rest of my life is take pictures, I'll die happy. Really. I LOVE taking pictures. Mostly of stuff that I find interesting and other people would probably think "huh?", but I'm happy.

*waits until you all stop laughing*

I am signing up for some classes, and I'm going to see what happens. I know my photos so far aren't the best, but one can always learn more and eventually, I should be halfway decent.

Ivy creeping Brooklyn Bridge Christmas Bauble by the grave Kids Lake Erie

Aside from that, bugger all else is going on. I'm currently suffering post-trip blues, however my Dallas trip with Georgia to Southfork ranch is all booked and paid for and that is just around the corner. Yet another photo opportunity rearing it's head :)

Now, where did I put the snow shovel?.............

*The Fast Show Fave

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