Monday, March 26, 2007

I Got Shot!

Albeit in my butt with a muscle relaxer but OH MY GOD! It burns like a bitch!

I have done something to my back and quite frankly, look like a wizzened old lady of 102 bent over, hobbling about the living room. I just came back from my Dr who kindly shot me in my arse, gave me PLENTY of Darvocet and some other stuff, booked me for a bunch of X-rays and sent me on my way.

So, no long post today. Just a "I'm here but I'm in pain" post.

More later.

Oh, I'll leave you with some pretty pictures I took this weekend........

Foggy Beach Cleveland Ohio

Just click on the pics to take you to all my pics, otherwise, check out the slideshows here, here and here.

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