Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On The Road Again..........

and oh, what a long road it's going to be!

My friend Deana, 'Dean-ner' to her closest friends, has decided (quite sensibly I might add) to leave the cold and desolate climate that is Cleveland, Ohio and take up a new job as a travelling nurse.

Her first port of call? Cali-for-Nigh-Ay!!!!!!

Here is Deana! Say hi!


Being the nice friend I am (also known as 'having nothing better to do with my time') I asked if she wanted a travelling companion and of course she said yes. The thing is, she is driving there.

Uh-huh. You read that right. DRIVING.

Just in case you don't have a rough idea of how far that is? It's 2371.5 miles. Oh yes, don't forget that .5 of a mile - makes all the difference!! Here is a Yahoo map of 'from here to there'.

Loooong Drive!

We leave on March 1st and after DRIVING for a bajillion miles/hours, she reckons we will arrive somewhere on the West coast around the 4th March. Optimism is one of her many attributes. Can I tell you just how much I am looking forward to this road trip? It's going to be so awesome and of course I'm going to be blogging every step of the way AND taking pictures. The furthest West I've driven (and when I say 'I've' driven I mean my husband drove every step of the way - and back) is Nebraska. I'm thinking this is alot further than Nebraska!

Aside from the incredible awesome-ness that is blogging and taking pictures of this trip, there is also the added excitement that is travelling through states I've never been through before. I'm hoping that Colorado is one of them (if it isn't and it's my turn to drive, trust me, we WILL go through Colorado!!!!!!).

Once we arrive in Cali-For-Nigh-Ay, we have to get Deanners license all sorted out then we travel around a bit then, THEN, get this! We meet up with some workmates (who took the sensible way there and flew) and go see The Price Is Right! I know I'll hear "Ropey Old Bird, Come On Dooooooown!" Wouldn't that be just the icing on the cake?

As a reward to myself for being in a vehicle for so long (if you know me, you know I'm going to be calling that crazy astronaut for details on where to get those daipers) I am flying back FIRST CLASS! Yep. First class. It wasn't that much more than regular seating so I thought "Bollocks, I'll treat myself" and booked it.

So there you have it folks. A trip coming up. If you have any ideas on where to stop, or if you want to let me know where you'll be standing (on the edge of a highway) waving as we drive by, just give me a holler! I'll take a picture of you as we zoom by!

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