Wednesday, December 13, 2006

WHERE are we going again?

One of the guys I work with, Matt, (M@) recently discussed going gambling and asked if we wanted to go with him. George couldn't go and back when we were asked, I didn't have the time. However, the day before he went, I changed my mind and decided to go with him.

He told me we were going to Seneca. (exactly!) and I was all "OK". He could have said Mars and I still wouldn't have had a clue where it was. I thought it was somewhere in Pennsylvania (or do I mean Philadelphia? - SEE why I was confused?) He had been 'comped' a room so he changed it from a King room to a 2 Queen room.

Anyway. We set off and I was all happy at just travelling anywhere.


M@ asked me to look at the directions and tell him which exit we were to take. That's when I saw it.

Seneca - NIAGARA!

Yes! We were going to a hotel & casino right by only the most bestest and favoritest place of mine on the whole planet.

Did I wet my knickers right then and there?

Can I get a "Hell Yeah!" ?

Niagara Bridge sunset-ish

Suffice to say, I had an exceptional time. I gambled (and didn't lose much at all), we went to the Falls and saw it lit up which is just AWESOME!, and just laughed our arses off. M@ taught me loads of stuff about Curpuscluar Rays, I told him all about Cognitive Dissonance, we laughed about faulty railings at Niagara Falls, my useless photography skills, Bridge names and Ipswich.

The Falls - Lit

The Falls - lit (red)

All in all. A great time. With my friend and my favoritest place ever.

That's where I was over the past two days....

Me & The Falls - lit (red)

Where were you?

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