Monday, December 18, 2006

Highlights of my past week..........

Ranked from the best bits to the worst bits and after that it all pretty much seems to take a shit!
  • Taking Mr Mac Shopping (George NEVER likes going shopping).
  • Going on a trip to the most wonderful place on the earth with my friend M@.
  • Starting to feel some form of weird depression sink in.
  • Being told by one of my kids that all I do every day is watch TV and spend George's money and that I really shouldn't be shouting at them for failing school, generally being a lazy arse and the like and that he works more hours than I do.
  • Feeling EVERY SINGLE TOOTH IN MY HEAD LITERALLY THROB AND ACHE..... (and yes, that sentence deserves red and bold!!!)
  • Get a sinking feeling that another visit to the dentist is nigh....
  • Realise with disgust that I missed the season finale of The Amazing Race (I literally want to vomit).
  • Go to work.
  • Get shouted at by people who are calling 911 for useless shit.
  • Go to the dentist only to find out that further work IS necessary and that work includes a root canal and $$$$$$
  • I have to do more Xmas shopping.
  • I want to go back to The Falls and quite literally throw myself over..........
Here's hoping that this week is better!

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