Friday, December 08, 2006

So it's cold then?

We recently had some visitors, namely my aunt (Barbara) and her husband (David). David called us last week saying that my aunt had been feeling a bit down lately so he was booking a flight to come and see us to cheer her up.

Now, my first thought was "Cleveland in Winter is meant to cheer her up?" then I figured that he meant coming to see me was the reason.... I mean, snow and ice here in North East Ohio wouldn't cheer up a sick eskimo never mind my aunt!

Snow over Cleveland? Imagine that!

David asked George what the weather was like (Celsius vs Fahrenheit), but I don't think he quite grasped the concept and for some reason, when we told him that it would be cold, cold to him meant Summer type of weather. David also mentioned that my aunt doesn't like being cold.


So, they came, they turned blue, they froze, and they figured out that perhaps coming to Ohio at this time of year wasn't quite what they expected. In fact, if the airline they had booked their flights with wasn't charging them almost double what they had paid for the original ticket, they were going to try and go home earlier!

I have no idea if they had a good time or not. I think they did but their faces were just frozen in place.

Thankfully, our next guest Mr Mac, already understands temperatures and coming from the land of the Swiss can fully grasp cold and snow and stuff like that.

Aside from that, all the Christmas packages I have sent have been received and in some instances have already been opened! I won't divulge who did that *Cough-Ms Mac* but you can figure it out......... In other Ms Mac news, she sent me a package like, forever ago and I only just got it yesterday. The thing is........ Remember this story with the Mexican CD's and stuff instead of Swiss Chocolate? Well, it happened again!

This is what I was handed by the mailman:

Imagine that!  Damaged.  Again!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

Tea-bags and Chocolate

Apparently, Stella sent me a YELLOW package that contained more than what I actually received. WTF!!!!??????? I swear, one of these days I'm gonna send myself in a package and when I get to the sorting facility and someone tries to open my package I'm gonna jump out and give that stealing-package-opening rat bastard a heart attack!

and that folks, is my news so far. I'm working this afternoon which should be a blast with the bad weather we are having. The Fire Department are gonna love me! Then, we pick Craig up from the airport for a few days of fun and shopping!

Be back soon!

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