Monday, November 27, 2006

Open letter to My Dentist.....

Dear Dentist,

Remember me? The big baby?

Remember how last weekend I came to visit you and had to undergo 4 hours of sedation to have work done?

Do you think perhaps there is a reason for the sedation request?

When I came to you today because I had toothache still, well, me telling you this, was NOT an invitation to proceed with drilling and rinsing and drilling and air-pressure and drilling all while NOT being sedated, NOT being given any Novocaine, NOT being given any Nitrous-Oxide.

Those tears I cried this afternoon were not tears of joy that I could feel PAIN. They were tears of distress. I am still in PAIN but after 5 minutes of the above, I told you I was fine.

I'm fine for the time being, and will be fine when I go to the Dr tomorrow to ask for the strongest pain pills out there and to ask for a lifetimes worth of Diazepam to calm me down before my next appointment with you where you WILL give me Novocaine, and you WILL give me Nitrous. Got that?

So, for being the baby that I am, I am going to proceed with the partaking of Darvocet and 2 BIG bottles of wine.

You're welcome!

Thank you and sincerely,


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