Saturday, September 30, 2006

This insanity must stop!

Remember back in the day when I used to post once a day, sometimes twice? WTF happened?

I'll try to make a better effort. Really I will.

Even if nothing much happens in my day, sod it, I'll make something up! (Be prepared for some pretty outlandish stories)

*curses boring life*

Anyway. What have I done this week?

Immigration stuff.

It's pretty amazing this whole INS chaos. Here are some of my frustrations, and please, while you are at it, bear some of this frustration and take the weight off my shoulders!

The lawyer tells me that I need to know the dates of EVERY SINGLE TRIP I have taken out of the US since I first landed here all those 7.5 years ago. Yes. You got that. EVERY TRIP. Do you know how many times I've been back and forth to England? Canada? never mind the vacations etc.,? Oh, my passport will be stamped will it? Actually NO IT WON'T! For some reason, Immigration Officials at airports felt it not necessary to stamp my passport. So I had to trawl through my ever diminishing memory, checking air miles, calling relatives etc., to recall ANY trip taken........


I had to go DOWNTOWN for my fingerprints to be digitally taken.

*waits for INTERPOL to whisk her away*

In the past 7.5 years, I have had my fingerprints taken 5 times. Because, as you know, fingerprints change. Often.

Lack of information. As mentioned previously, getting a letter from the INS saying they had received my application for Citizenship and that it was being processed, however, there was missing evidence. They couldn't tell me in THAT letter what the evidence is? That's like sitting with someone in a room and telling them "I have to tell you something, but I'll tell you a week from Wednesday" Having my lawyer's secretary tell me "Oh, don't worry about it" is like telling someone who is about to be pushed of a very high cliff, "You'll be fine."

and so on and so on.......

I've had troubles with Dan and his school. What started off as a promising 10th grade year, instead it is spiralling downwards and dragging me with it. I've said it before and I'll say it again till all my kids are out of the house. Being a parent SUCKS ARSE sometimes and I wonder, is it really all worth it? All I want to do is have a 5 minute glimpse into the future, say 10 years from now, and just see what the kids are up to and how they are doing. If they are fine, then I guess it will be worth it..... If not, I'm throwing the towel in and giving up.

*knows she won't*

We closed the pool.

Goodbye my friend, till we meet next Summer!

So no more swimming in 88 degree water.

I put on more weight.

Are we just enthralled with the fab week I've had and now realising WHY I haven't posted?

I have ignored e-mails sent to me, even worried 'are-you-still-alive?' e-mails as I always think I'll get around to it. I promise everyone who e-mailed, I WILL e-mail you tomorrow.

I DID start to read a new book!

Book Description
This is the story of Charley, a child of divorce who is always forced to choose between his mother and his father. He grows into a man and starts a family of his own. But one fateful weekend, he leaves his mother to secretly be with his fatherand she dies while he is gone. This haunts him for years. It unravels his own young family. It leads him to depression and drunkenness. One night, he decides to take his life. But somewhere between this world and the next, he encounters his mother again, in their hometown, and gets to spend one last day with herthe day he missed and always wished hed had. He asks the questions many of us yearn to ask, the questions we never ask while our parents are alive. By the end of this magical day, Charley discovers how little he really knew about his mother, the secret of how her love saved their family, and how deeply he wants the second chance to save his own.

It is awesome and I should be done with it by this afty.

and I think thats about it. I worked last night, and am working again this afty, which, as those that know me, will have me exhausted for the remainder of the week, lying on the sofa watching Dallas (which is STILL awesome and yes, I STILL *heart* Ole J.R. Ewing)

Stay tuned for next weeks installment wherein, I become head of a multi-billion dollar company, find gold in them thar hills and manage to lose overnight, all the weight gained during the past 12 years......

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