Friday, June 16, 2006

He's Home!

Last night, we went to the airport to pick up #1 son who has returned from his 6-month 'sort-yourself-out' trip to New Zealand.

Here I am, looking thrilled to be at Cleveland airport that late!

Airport waiting!!!

Here is Nick! Looking pretty much the same as when I left him!

My baby is hoooooome!

and here, with his brother and sister, who were pretty (and oddly) excited to see him back!

The three amigos.....

and with me!

Nick airport

Nick had told me that his hair hadn't been cut for a few months so it was quite long. I was waiting to see the long Hercules-style locks fall gracefully from under the cap.

Imagine my surprise when instead of locks, I see this!:


Courtesy of my brother Richard who's arse I will be kicking when I get to NZ next month.

But here, the next morning, he is back to normal!

Now it's back to normal!

He's been home for a few hours now and you may be asking "have I noticed anything about him different from when he left?"

Well, he doesn't speak with an American accent when talking to his friends anymore. If I hear the phrases "Far out" and "Choice" one more time already I might just send him back! He seems much more polite. Instead of just going around and doing things, he's being courteous and asking. He wanted a shower last night (midnight-ish) and whereas the old Nick would just give a toss and get one, he asked if we minded. He laughed ALOT. He is smiling. So far so good. The pessimist in me is saying "It's only been a few hours, wait till the end of the day!" but the optimist hiding somewhere is just thrilled.

Suffice to say, I slept soundly last night.

ALL my babies are back. In the house. Safe and sound. I'm happy.

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