Friday, June 23, 2006

Have Pool, Will Rain!

Recently, I managed to talk my husband into us getting a pool. He has held back on this purchase citing various reasons:
  • "We'll have EVERY kid in the neighborhood around ALL the time...."
  • "It'll cost us a fortune........"
  • "All our friends have pools, we can use theirs......"
  • etc., etc., etc.
but finally, over Memorial Day weekend, he relented. We bought a pool, and it was installed last weekend. Initially, we were told it wouldn't be installed for a few weeks, and that the yard would have to be leveled a smidge for the pool to be well level! However, we came home last weekend and not only was the yard leveled (26 bloody inches = $$$$$) but also, the pool was installed! So, here we are. The electrical outlets are all set up and I'm waiting for G to come home this lunchtime and filter/treat/shock etc.,

However, we can filter/treat/shock all we want but one thing that hasn't helped is the weather.

It has rained NON-STOP since George muttered "Let's get a pool!" In fact, we need not have used the hose to fill the pool as there has been sufficient rainfall to do this job easily.

Here is a picture of the pool as we stand. It is a fairly large one (30') and is dug down giving the impression it is shallow but it isn't. But all we can do now is just wait. Wait for Mother Nature to get off her menopausal arse and let the sun shine!

Deck needed.  Apply within.

There will be a deck around this pool come August but till then, we have a ladder supplied with the pool to get in and out. In case you want to see the pool project, check out this slideshow.

In other home addition news, the work on our bar in the basement is almost completed. So, for while the rain continues to pour, we can spend our time indoors. What started as this:

Basement soon to be bar! The Basement - soon to be bar.

is now at this stage:

Almost done!

We are waiting for the bar tops and sink to be installed which will be Monday hopefully, and then it just needs painting. My favorite Uncle, Graham, is coming over from the UK next week specifically to paint the whole bar for us. Then, once the bar stools arrive, we just need friends and family over to celebrate the opening. This bar is G's project and he has been very specific as to how he wants it. That's fine. I have the pool! :) If anybody feels like sending 'bar stuff' to decorate, feel free so long as it is Guinness stuff only! :) Again, if you are interested in how this project went, check out this slideshow.

These projects haven't gone without a few headaches - even though I wasn't personally involved in any kind of building. But I'll save those details for another post, one wherein I'm in a shitty mood and feel like offloading.

Project-wise, that's it this year. I will be picking Clairebear up from the airport tomorrow and then our vacation to Punta Cana starts next Friday for a week. The 'bar opening' will be on my return, the 7th I believe. If you wanna come to it, just drop me an e-mail!

Thats about it today.

Later, I'll be weather watching, and husband watching as he works his magic with the filtering....

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