Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Last Minute Shit

You know what I didn't think I'd be doing at 6:30 A.M.? (Yes, in the A.M!!!!!!!!)

Shaping, frosting and Cling-Filming a lightbulb cake.

What you may ask is a lightbulb cake? It's something that at the last minute, your daughter says "Get's me extra credit points in class". It's a piece for her 'Light' project at school.

Of course she tells me last minute.

Are you getting the 'Last minute' part of this? Is it sinking in that it was last minute?

She had all week to tell me. The weekend too. But no. She tells me last night, 5 minutes before she goes to her Sylvan class. Shortly before I was due to go out with some friends.

So, here for your viewing pleasure is what I call:

The Last Minute LightBulb Cake.

The square cake and the tin

The start of the Lightbulb Cake

Georgia 'watching' (while getting ready for school)

Georgia mid getting ready for school and baking simultaneously

Georgia trying to frost

Georgia doing 'something'

The finished cake (and no comments about what the element* part of the cake looks like!!!)

The finished product

My morning breakfast (cake bit-lets and orange tea)

My morning set-up

Humphrey Davy would be so proud.


*Apparently it's a filament, not an element. Oh well.

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