Monday, April 24, 2006

How Old Is Too Old For Ten-Pin Bowling?

Today I have been hobbling about like I'm 102 years old, have arthritis and Jelly for my legs.

On Saturday (yes! two days ago and I'm still feeling like this!) we went bowling. You will be pleased to know that I am an ACE bowler scoring well over 100 in two games!

However, good bowler I am, dainty and ladylike I'm not! I fell flat on my arse after first landing on my knee, elbow and then my arms. They sure do make those lanes slippy!

Here, as evidenced by this whopping bruise on my leg, is the reason why I have been unable to go to the gym. (You knew there would be an excuse didn't you!!!) and no, before you ask, I was not bowling in those sandals!

The pain is getting worse, but I am sure that a bottle of red wine and some painkillers (yes - a deadly combination!) will help me out tonight.

Tomorrows blogging will resume accordingly.

You know the address where to send "Get Well" cards and flowers.


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